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Welcome to Leaflix

We are team of experienced Auctioneer in Disposal & Procurement management.

Why Leaflix?

  • Trusted service done by experts.
  • Most trusted auction company by Seller & Buyer.
  • A transparent System procedure to clients.
  • HTTPS System , Confidential & Secured.
  • Creates healthy competition.
  • Gives good realization for asset and scrap.
  • Ensure thread line procedure to satisfy audit requirement.
  • IP report, auction report, bid history report will share for audit.

Scrap Disposal
Plant & Machineries
Land & Buildings
Hazardous Waste

Who we are?

Leaflix E Business Private Limited is a market leader in offering industrial scrap management solutions in India and play’s a leading role in e commerce business.

An organization which offers sales and purchase of large number of industrial goods directly from manufacturers, suppliers and distributors through E Auctions and E Marketplace.

Through effective and efficient e-Auction process, we offer the best service to our client’s based on their requirements. We offer an online platform to connect buyers and sellers from pan India.

Leaflix E Business Private Limited specialized in providing disposal (forward auctions), procurement solutions (reverse auctions) based on on-line bidding events (OBEs), Sealed Tender.

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Our Mission

We merge the gap between buyers and sellers to provide a seamless experience for all by upholding the highest standards of auctioneer and by matching the latest technology with the success of old-school practices.

Our Care

Leaflix E Business Private limited cares our clients and buyers requirement to balance for further growth, Our lead management tool helps you track enquries with follow up dates and reminders on due dates,get detailed reports on your audit requirement .

Our Vision

To establish Leaflix online auction as premier online auction company, making a global impact in the indusry and embodying the values of honesty, integrity and personal touch as the foundation of our business.

Our Core Value

At Leaflix E Business Private Limited our values are reflected in the way we do business. Integrity and honesty represent the foundations of all operations. we are determined to provide our clients with the best solution for their business.